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At Sunrise Plastics Group we are committed to conservation by providing green solutions, such as scrap recycling and zero landfill initiatives, to the plastics industry. Sunrise Plastics Group is a Cleveland, Ohio based company that provides landfill free alternatives for every aspect of your operation. From recycling your plastic scrap into everyday items to transforming kitchen waste into organic compost, Sunrise Plastics Group tailors a solution to accommodate your specific recycling needs. We have the ability to maximize recycling opportunities with creative alternatives and our environmentally friendly recycling programs can allow us to be your single source solution.

Our attention to material specifications and handling has made us a preferred vendor in the plastics industry. With suppliers, customers, and processors spanning three continents, Sunrise Plastics Group has the ability to support diverse operations. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service to ensure every supplier and customer is completely satisfied. We are committed to providing unparalleled customer service and we understand that prompt payment is crucial as a vendor. Our financial strength provides us the ability to purchase large volumes of materials as well as pre-pay for all material purchased.

Sunrise Plastics Group has the resources to supply the proper logistics solutions for your operation. Our logistics team arranges all involved freight, and we hold ourselves responsible for all incurred freight costs. Other logistics and distribution services Sunrise Plastics Group are able to provide are spotted trailers, guaranteed pickups within 24 hours, gaylords, and pallets. In addition to these services, Sunrise Plastics Group also provides toll processing of various grades of plastics. Our processing capabilities include, but are not limited to: baling, cutting, densifying, grinding, pelletizing, and sorting

By providing comprehensive recycling solutions to even the most complex of materials, Sunrise Plastics Group can assist you in achieving a landfill free operation.

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